Strawberry Nutribites


So I decided to make these nutribites because I love those breakfast bars but they are a bit expensive for what you actually get in a packet…..If you make them yourself you get lots and lots for half the price hehe

This is a really tasty recipe and great for a snack to take in a lunch box or even warmed with a dollop of ice cream or custard on top as a dessert.   (Vegan ice cream is so easy to find in supermarkets now and alpro make vegan custard)


1 & 1/2 cups regular oats
1 cup of a mix of white and whole wheat
1/2 tsp bicarbonate of soda
pinch sea salt
1/2 cup light brown sugar
1 chia egg (1 tbsp chia seeds+ 4 tbsp warm water, mixed and set aside)
just over 1/2 cup vegan butter, melted (i use pure spread)
1/4 cup brown rice syrup
2 tbsp any plant milk
1 tbsp sesame seeds (for topping only)
1 tbsp dry shaved coconut
organic strawberry conserve (jam) you can use any jam you like.
punnet of strawberries, washed hulled and chopped / sliced
small handful oats to top

1. Preheat oven to 350F/gas 4. Line a square pan with greaseproof paper.

2. In a large bowl, mix all the oaty base dry ingredients: oats, flour, sugar, bicarb and salt….. In a small pot mix the butter, syrup, milk until melted, remove from heat and allow to cool a little then add the chia egg.

3. Combine wet and dry base ingredients in the large bowl until thoroughly smooshed together (technical term lol)

4. Pour the oat mixture onto the square pan and press down with fingers…make sure your hands are wet to smoosh the mixture into the pan it stops the mixture sticking to your fingers….Pour on strawberry jam and smooth out….then lay your chopped strawberries over the top.

5. Now sprinkle on your sesame seeds and coconut and finish off with a handful of porridge oats on top too.

6. Bake for around 30-40 minutes then remove, set aside to cool before removing from the tray (about 30mins)
Slice and then store in a container in the fridge to keep them nice and firm or serve them warm with ice cream.



Toona Mayo Sandwich


Hey there all my favourite creepers hehe hope your all well and in need of a sandwich cos its about to go down lol  Sooooo anyone who knows me, even a little bit, knows how deep my love runs for sandwiches!! Seriously i love sandwiches and pizzas more than most people hahaha  I love how fast and portable they are…..not like they go any further than the plate to my face lol but if you have any self control then you can take them outside and eat them there hahaha 
  So back to the start just cos were vegan or vegetarian doesnt mean we cant still have a yummy “tuna mayo” for sandwiches or tuna pasta….being vegan doesnt mean you “miss out” on anything because absolutely anything can be veganized 🙂  when I went vegan about 4years ago I didnt think id be able to have a tuna mayo sandwich again but that didnt stop me I just put it out of my mind, I had been trying to recreate a tuna mayo style vegan sandwich filling for a long ass time to no avail as nothing tasted like the sea, which is what I fancied tasting lol….Then one day a lightbulb went on in my head and i realised the key to making it taste like the sea is Nori, toasted Nori sheets are the seaweed that sushi is wrapped in, it tastes like the sea and is soooo good in this…..I can honestly say if your having a craving for tuna this will satisfy it.  


1can chickpeas drained
2 sheets of nori or small handfull nori flakes that way you dont need to go to the bother cutting them up
1 large dill pickle (gherkin) or 4 small ones
Salt and pepper
1tbsp Apple cider vinegar
2tsp toasted sesame oil
Red onion sliced thinly
Wholewheat seeded bread
Spoonfull of egg free mayo
Cup of sweetcorn (cooked and cooled or drained straight out the can)


1-  place the chickpeas, nori flakes, vinegar,  salt and pepper, sesame oil and pickle into a food processor and pulse a few times till all combined then empty into a large mixing bowl (remember not to pulse too much u want a bit of texture)

2- add the sweetcorn into the bowl along with the mayo and stir to combine, you can add as much or as little mayo as you like.  (I also like to add a little salad cream too)

3- now get your bread, thinly spread some vegan margarine one side of each slice (2 slice per person) then add the tooona mayo to one half of the bread then sprinkle with thin slices of red onion (you can use thin slices of pickled onion instead which is very yummy) then pop the other piece of bread ontop, cut into trianges or rectangles, whatever your heart desires hehe

The forth step is to eat it hahaha


Mushroom pate


Heeeeyyyy everyone 🙂 today is an awesome day!!! Its so sunny outside, iv done all the housework and made mushroom pate and a lasagne for my handsome man ❤ iv not seen him for what feels like months but in reality its been 2weeks 😂 so im treating him to a yummy romantic dinner tonight when he gets home, hes not had good homemade food since we were at his mums 2weeks ago so he needs it…….i hope you all love this recipe as much as i do!   Ill give you a bonus tip, dont forget about the nuts in the oven because they burn lmao i did that today cos im a silly billy 😂😂😂 anyways i hope you like it xxx


120g Pecan’s 
80g finely chopped Shallots 
120g vegan butter…..i use pure spread
120g Shittake mushrooms, chopped
120g Portobellini mushrooms, chopped
120g Chestnut mushrooms, chopped
1 whole garlic bulb, cut in half around the middle 
handful chopped fresh Parsley
tbsp chopped Thyme
pinch sea salt
pinch white pepper (or more if you like)
drizzle of extra virgin olive oil…..about 2tbsp for blending

To serve:

cranberry sauce

crackers or a slice of wholewheat toast cut into triangles 


1. Preheat oven to 200* / gas 6…drizzle two garlic half’s with extra virgin, cover with a little bit of aluminium foil over each half and roast in the oven for around 30mins then remove and leave to cool then smoosh with your hands until the cloves ooze out (yummy).

2. Turn oven down to 180* / gas 4 …..spread pecans on a baking sheet and toast for 10mins, or until fragrant or light brown.

3. In a large wok or saute pan add the butter and shallots until translucent, then add mushrooms, roasted garlic cloves, parsley, thyme, salt and pepper and saute until mushroom is soft and liquid has evaporated.

4. Once pecans are toasted and cooled slightly add them to a food processor and whizz with a drizzle of extra virgin until it forms a thick paste scraping the sides every so often, add the mushroom mix and whizz again until its at the consistency you like. (i like it on the smooth side but some like it a little chunkier)

5. Oil some ramekins and spoon in the mixture, cover and set in the fridge to set and cool for a few hours or over night.

6. Serve with toast or crackers and a small side salad…..and some cranberry sauce is very good with it too….match made in heaven.


Vegan chicken pot pie


Boo!! 👻  happy halloween 😂 just kidding lol i WISH it was halloween every single day and in my house its halloween year round, i think visitors think im mental 😂😂😂  i hope you’re all having an awesome week…..i however have tonsillitis, i had my tonsils out about 14yrs ago but they either grew back or the surgeon left some in….just my luck haha  even though i havnt been well iv been well looked after so its not all bad……snuggles when your not feelin good is all you need!!! 😷:)
   I first thought up this recipe years ago and just found it stored in my computer it needed a bit of dusting off and a freshen up but it was super yummy and worth a try…its great for a winter warmer to heat you up when its pouring of rain outside….its vegan but i serve it to meat eaters and they have no idea…..its so creamy and fresh you would never know…..i think that’s how you make a winning vegan dish, to make it so good that even a meat eater wouldn’t notice 🙂  Also you don’t need any accompaniments with this pie as it has everything all in one bowl 🎃💀👻♥



1 onion, chopped

40g butter

100g button mushrooms, sliced 

40g plain flour , plus extra for dusting

400ml soya milk , (warmed in pot with a bay leaf, 5 whole black pepper corns and half an onion) 

1 cup vegetable stock

grating of nutmeg, (i love nutmeg so i use too much probably but id say about a quarter nut) 

1 heaped teaspoon mustard powder 

couple handfuls of vegan chicken style pieces 

2 bay leaf’s

200g mix of sweetcorn , peas, broccoli broken into small pieces, carrots chopped small 

4 new potatoes sliced, steamed slightly before adding

glass white wine

250g shortcrust pastry (you can make your own but its easier to buy pre-rolled its exactly the same just quicker and its vegan read the packet)

salt and pepper

chopped fresh chives and parsley about a handful all together

zest of 1 lemon and juice of half

soya milk, for glazing

sprinkle of poppy seeds to finish


***  Heat oven to 200C/fan 180C/gas 6. ***

1.  Melt the butter in a pan over a medium heat. Add the onion and leave to cook for 5 mins, stirring occasionally. 
add carrot and mushrooms to the pan with the onions, fry for about 5mins then add your flour a bit at a time to create a roux which is really a thick paste that will help your sauce thicken, and cook for around 2mins just so the flour combines well and the flour cooks so the dish wont have a floury taste.

2.  Slowly add the warm milk to the pan, stirring all the time. 
Once all the milk has been added, stir in the stock, wine, season with salt, pepper, nutmeg and mustard powder. 
Add the bay leaf and bring to the boil, stirring all the time to stop the sauce becoming lumpy and add your veg and vegan chicken style pieces, your herbs and lemon.

3.  When the sauce has thickened, simmer for around 20mins to cook the veg through.

4.  Put the pastry on a clean, floured surface. Make sure you also dust the rolling pin with flour. 
Roll out the pastry and lift it carefully over the dish and trim off the pastry hanging over the edge of the dish. 
Press the outside edge of the pastry with a fork or your fingers.

5.  Brush the top of the pie with a little soya milk and sprinkle with poppy seeds.
Make a small hole in the center of the pastry top to allow the steam to escape.

6.  Place the pie in the oven for 25 mins. It is ready when golden brown.

*TIP* You can use any leftover pastry to decorate the top of the pie with pastry shapes i like to make a couple of little leaves, skulls or anything that takes my fancy……like if you do individual ones you could put initials on them 👻💀🎃♥


Roasted Veggie Ragu


Hey everyone hope your having a spooktacular week 🎃 i sure am having a spooktacular week……iv had great company and full on chill plus the weather has been kinda acceptable lol
This recipe is soooo good, soooo garlicky, yummy and its so easy to make all you do is chop all the veg and roast it then pop it in a food processor, throw in a pot with tomatoes and bubble while you cook the pasta 💀 easy peasy lemon squeezy haha   Anyways, i cant remember how i came to make this recipe at first but ill never forget how yummy it is i really hope you enjoy it 🙂 the chunkiness or smoothness is completely up to you but always use the blender as it really meshes the flavors together perfectly…… can be used as pasta sauce or a sauce to dip garlic ciabatta in, or anything you like really that you need a sauce with…….basically just shove it into your face hole amd like it hahahah 👻💀🎃♥


½ aubergine sliced into ½ inch thickness
1 sliced red bell pepper & 1 sliced yellow bell pepper
Small courgette sliced into ½ inch thickness
Whole garlic bulb (as it is, not peeled)
1 red onion cut into wedges
4-5 shallots peeled and halved
Rosemary sprig
2tbs extra virgin olive oil
1tsp lemon juice
Pinch of sugar
2x tin chopped tomato’s
Salt and pepper
Cup of vegetable stock
1tbs tomato puree
1tbs dry flat leaf parsley
4 drops of Tabasco

1. Combine your veg in a roasting tin and drizzle with your oil and toss until glistening all over,  throw on your rosemary sprig whole……now chop the top stem off your bulb to reveal the tops of the cloves, drizzle extra virgin and salt and pepper and  roast in the oven for around 30 minutes toss your veg halfway through cooking time to ensure even browning.  check on your garlic and make sure it doesn’t burn and you want to take the bulb out to cook before the veg are finished cooking to let cool.

2. When your veg is ready remove and discard your rosemary sprig, allow your veg to cool slightly, take your garlic bulb and squeeze until the roasted cloves come out (discard the skin) throw everything in a food processor and pulse until at a thick paste consistency either smoother to hide veg from kids or chunky if you like it that way.

3. Once blended pour into a big pot and add your tomato’s , tomato puree, stock, Tabasco, lemon juice, sugar and salt and pepper…… allow to bubble away for an half hour to an hour until the sauce is nice and thick.

4. Serve this sauce with some pasta……. This sauce is good for freezing too, just freeze in portions and defrost fully when you need it 🙂


Hummus and Roasted Veg Toastie


Hello guys and ghouls 🙂    Its been a while since I posted any recipes but iv had a million things going on…..All good things though so dont worry, all super good stuff hehe  iv been loving the new season of the walking dead (as usual) i normally love it even when others think its been boring haha I read the comics and everything its my life hahaha i love how this season is following so closely to the comics it makes me so happy to know whats going down before it goes down haha you know, just to ruin it for everyone else hahahaha just kidding i try not to do that on purpose……sometimes by accident i do though (sorry everyone) haha  I cant express how much you need to read the comics,  or just any comics,  im into horror comics myself i like them dark as im kinda dark myself bwahahaha    I thought i would use this chance to show off my frankie mug i got for christmas from my big cousin hehehe best gift ever 🙂


So less of my ramblings about zombies and comics, lets move onto the task at hand, and thats to show you an amazing snack that i had for breakfast today cos im a weirdo and like to eat non traditional breakfasts…….This toastie is an awesome lunch for anyone who likes a toastie….and even if you dont like toasties, youll like this since its just totally amazing and yummy in hits the spot….its also healthy too as I dont use oil so much anymore in my hummus and its still great…..I also dont usually put garlic in it now either as it can be too strong and my mum hates garlic…..I must admit that iv made toasties with shop bought hummus so yo dont have to be a hero and make it all from scratch,  if you cant be bothered then just use stuff from the shop it still tastes good (just not AS good as if you make it yourself haha)…..its also healthy and if you think back to what used to be “the norm” on toasties it was all things like cheese an ham on white bread an all your getting out of that is a big fat belly and thats it, theres no nutritional goodness in a cheese an ham toastie its all fat, processed meat an empty calories… if your not vegan your probably thinkin well theres calcium in cheese and you would be right but the poor innocent calcium in cheese is covered in saturated fats which cause heart problems….switch to a hummus toastie on wholewheat seeded bread with fresh hummus and grilled peppers an spring onions you have lots of vitamins and minerals just in chickpeas alone never mind the extra veg and the seeds in the bread….its protein packed awesomeness….but if your thinkin about the calcium side of things think about this…..

100g of whole milk = 118mg  calcium

Compared to:

100g chickpeas = 150mg calcium

Really gets you thinkin about the healthier ways to eat and still enjoy food 🙂 


1 can organic chickpeas in water, drained and rinsed reserving a little of the water from the can.

A few jalapeños to taste, (jarred sliced kind in vinegar or water) I like it spicy so I put like 5 to 7 in lol

3 or 4 sun dried tomatoes (kind in oil but drain them so there not dripping but its ok to have a little oil)

Salt and black pepper

Red or yellow pepper deseeded and sliced (grilled either on griddle pan or health grill for the charred marks)

Courgette sliced in thin ribbons and grilled with the peppers

Spring onion (scallions) thin sliced

2 wholewheat seeded bread per person


1.  First heat your grill and prepare the raw veg put a tiny bit of extra virgin olive oil into your palm (a drop of oil) and rub hands together then massage the veg, this coats the veg without adding loads of oil…then place on grill for 5 mins or until the veg is marked with those lovely stripes of char 🙂 

2.   While veg is grilling, throw your chickpeas, sun dried tomatos and jalapeños into a food processor, add a pinch of salt and pepper, a drizzle of chickpea water an whizz, stopping and making sure everything is bein mixed, you dont want it smooth you want it a little chunky an good texture……taste an if u want it more spicy add more jalapeños or if it needs another tomato then go for it….its as simple as that!

3.  Now to assemble the toastie,  take a slice of your bread and spread a good coating of hummus ontop, then sprinkle the spring onions ontop then the grilled veg, add a little salt and pepper and stick the lid on, in other words put the other bit of bread ontop…put it in your health grill and close….in a few mins once its all nice n toasted with the nice stripy design on the bread its ready to be cut into triangles and served with a salad 🙂   simple, healthy and all made in under 10mins!! 🙂 

Note:  you can spread some margerine thinly on the outside of the bread so it toastes more golden but you dont need to….

Lean Mean Black Bean Burger (The L.M.B.B Burger )


hellloooo my little spooky spooks 💀♥👻🎃 hope your all feeling gooood and right in the mood for a burger 🙂    As its February 1st i thought id ask how are you getting on with your resolutions? i hope your here because one of your resolutions was to go veggie or vegan, or even just a promise to cut down on meat for your health….either way you will hopefully love to get your fangs into a nice burger…but it gets better, this is a healthy burger full of protein, fiber, yummy flavors and packed full of vitamins and minerals too 🙂  We all know that meat burgers are full of protein, and that a lot of people who are uneducated with nutrition would think that anything vegan is missing protein….they couldn’t be further from the truth  😑 while meat burgers do have protein, they are high is saturated fat which causes heart problems and high cholesterol….Plant protein on the other hand is healthy, low in fat and calories, packed full of vitamins and fiber (which you will not find in your meat ones)  PLUS….they taste soooo good too ❤  Also if your looking to get your kids into the kitchen, helping prepare this is a great recipe to start them out….making burgers is great fun for kids they get all messy and they will be more inclined to taste new things if they make them with there own hands 🙂 not to mention the fact there not gonna get food poisoning if they accidentally eat some 👍

hope you enjoy 🎃👻♥💀


Ingredients:  (makes 6 patties) 


2 tins black beans (drained, washed)

1 cup mashed sweet potato (chop small and roast or steam until soft)

1cup porridge oats (not quick cook) you probably wont need all of these just add till correct texture

3 Tbsp barbecue sauce

1 Tbsp Vegetarian Worcestershire style sauce

2 Tbsp chopped pickled jalapenos

1 Tbsp smoked paprika

1 Tbsp chili powder

1 tsp ground cumin

cracked black pepper and pinch of salt

**Whatever your favorite toppings are feel free to use them but here’s mine**

beef tomato slices

gherkin slices (dill pickles)

organic ketchup

sliced jalapenos

wholegrain sandwich thins

romaine lettuce, iceberg lettuce, pea-shoots, cucumber, red pepper tossed salad for topping burger and as a salad on the side……make a quick vinaigrette using, extra virgin olive oil + balsamic vinegar + wholegrain mustard + drop of brown rice syrup and shake up in a tiny jar (i recycle jars by washing out old jars of mustard and things and use them for all sorts of things) 



1.  Throw all the burger ingredients (not oats yet) into a food processor and pulse a few times and remember to push the mixture down to make sure it all combines, you want to keep it a little chunky….add in the oats little by little until the mixture is firm but moist and holds together. 
2.  Take a handful of mixture into your hands and form a ball, then gently press down to form a burger patties and set onto a baking sheet sprayed with extra virgin and continue until all mixture has been transformed into burgers.
3.  Grill in a medium grill for around 15mins or until golden brown all over, flipping carefully halfway through.  While there cooking get a burger decorating area for everyone to help themselves to when the burgers are ready….


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